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Softika Smart

280,000.00 to 350,000.00
  • Moisture locking technology –
  • Blue Flame Burner technology – Integrated
  • Touch screen display –

  • Moisture locking technology – For extra soft roties
    Prevents moisture of the roti to make it extra soft and prevents roti from Dryness.
  • Blue Flame Burner technology
    Gives extra puff in every roties.
  • Touch screen display – for Smart Features
    It gives to many smart features to provide easiness in the Operations.
  • Overheat Alarm
    Prevents un-necessary gas consumption. Also provides similar quality of roti every time.
  • Overtime Usage Buzzer
    Prevents gas and electricity consumption.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Indicator
    Increase life of machine and also gives hassle free operation
  • Privacy Password Protection
    Prevents access of machine from un-authorized person.
  • Reduced Pre-heating Time
    Takes less time to preheat which reduces gas consumption than ordinary machine.
  • Specially Lubricated Bearing
    Special purpose lubricant used, which does not melt in high temperature, so it prevents oil contamination with roti.
  • Improved Dough Ball Pressing Design
    No more roti cracking, no more wastage.
  • High Quality Branded Gas Fittings
    Considering the long life of the machine & safety precautions. We always use the best gas fittings.
  • High Quality Standard Motors
    We use superior high quality standard motors, which remains stable and performs well in high temperature environment.
  • Internationally Standard Branded Electrical Panel Accessories
    We use "schneider electric" or equivalent international standard branded Contactors & other panel accessories, which provides machine with long life & maintenance free operation
  • Heavy Duty Steel Body
    We use perfectly 1.5 mm thick stainless steel sheet metal to make machine robust.
Technical Specification
Capacity 1000 roties per hour
Chapati diameter Up to 8 inch
Chapati thickness Adjustable from 0.9 mm to 2 mm
Electric consumption 1.5 TO 2.2 units per Hr.
Gas consumption 1.5 TO 2 kg per Hr
All machine are compatible with LPG/Single Phase by default. Other than LPG/Single Phase is considered as customized and extra charge will be levied on that. So before order confirmation, it is customers responsibility to let us know that which type of gas connection/power supply they are using. So that we can provide exact figure of extra cost for that customization. In customized machine, we can not able to provide demonstration after machine has been manufactured or before dispatch. Customized will be considered as machine design, functionality, voltage (Like other than Indian voltage) and gas supply (Like PNG or natural gas).
All plugs like Electric plug (Socket) or Gas plug (Socket) provided by us is of Indian Standard. If customer require the different plug than Indian standard than, customers have to manage that by themselves.
Disclaimer: Product model shown in the video is for illustration purpose only. Actual product on present date may slightly vary than shown in video, due to product update on time being.
Features Rotipro Machine Other Machines
Moisture Locking Technology Provided – Preserve moisture of roti to provide extra soft roties

Not Provided – Absorb moisture from roti to render it dry and hard

Blue Flame Burner technology Provided – Gives perfect puff in rotis

Not Provided – Roti is not puffed properly

Touch Screen Display Provided – Reduce human error and make operating easy Not Provided – Due to human error output of the roti and machine life will decrease
Overheat Alarm Provided – Improves quality of roti with less gas consumption Not Provided – Gas consumption is high and quality of roti is not as desired
Overtime Usage Buzzer Provided – Prevents unwanted gas & power consumption when machine is not in use Not Provided – Unwanted gas & power consumption when machine is not in use
Scheduled Maintenance Indication Provided – Increase life of machine & reduce maintenance Not Provided – Increase maintenance & due to that machine life will be decrease
Privacy Password Protection Provided – Unauthorised person cannot use the machine Not Provided – Anyone can use the machine. High chance of accident and machine breakdown
Gas Flow Measurement Indicator And Regulator Provided – With gas consumption you can get perfect quality of roti Not Provided – Gas consumption will be high and you will not get desired quality of roti
Multi-layered Long Life Pressing Plate Provided – Problem Of Roti Cracking Is Completely Resolved & Pressing plate life is much more

Not Provided – Approx 4-5% Wastage Occurs Due To Cracking & Short time replacement requirement

Specially Treated Dough Pressing Plates Provided – Working Life Is More Than Doubled Than Ordinary Machines. Not Provided – Due To Less Working Life Plates Need To Be Replaced Often.
Reduced Pre-Heating Time Provided – Takes Less Time To Preheat The Machine

Not Provided – Takes More Time To Pre-Heat The Machine

Specialized Lubricated Bearing Provided – Special Purpose High Temperature Lubricant Used, Which Does Not Melt In High Temperature, So It Prevents Oil Contamination With Roti

Not Provided – Under High Temperature Environment Ordinary Lubricants Gradually Melts And Mix With Roti.
High Quality Branded Gas Fittings. Provided – Considering Long Life Of The Machine & Safety Precautions We Always Use Such Gas Fittings. Not Provided – Lower Quality Gas Fittings Are Not Safe & Poor Running Life.
High Quality Standard Motors Provided –Motors Are High Quality Standard Motors Branded Having Superior Quality Performance With Long Life. Not Provided – Poor Quality Motors Requires More Maintenance In High Temperature Working Environment.
Internationally Standard Branded Electrical Panel Accessories Provided – We Use “Schneider Electric” Or Equivalent International Standard Branded Panel Accessories, Which Provides Machine With Long Life & Maintenance Free Operation. Not Provided – Non Standard Panel Accessories Results High Maintenance Cost
Heavy Duty Steel Body Provided – We Use 1.5 Mm Thick Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Not Provided – In Ordinary Machine < 1 Mm Thick Sheet Metals Are Used

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